Our next deadline for the newsletter: September 22, 2017

General Submission Guidelines 

  • Only SCBWI members can submit via email to
  • Call to cover submissions/news since spring 2016
  • Format: Photos/illos should be sent as jpgs (please send good quality/hi-res up to max 5MB – please DO NOT send images swiped off  phones, Twitter, websites, etc. as these are often of low quality/lo-res when reproduced, even digitally)
  • Text should be send in .doc or .docx format only (NOT pdf). Please proofread your text before submitting!
  • Digital files should be titled with your first and last name followed by a number if for multiple submissions (e.g. "John_Doe_1.jpg")
  • For all submissions, please include your full name and a "byline" sentence if you'd like to have one.

What to Submit:

  • Good news from members (up to 75 words); short articles (up to 500 words, e.g., reports on conferences attended, profiles or interviews, notes on technique or craft; book reviews on technique/craft); upcoming events announcements; photos; spot illustrations in colour or B&W.

Note: NO general book reviews accepted. Only reviews on craft-related books are accepted.

Volunteers needed:

  • Please email if you can help with layout (nothing fancy needed) or proofreading prior to publication.

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                                                                                                       2016 Spring



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                          2014 Spring                                          2014 Fall     

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                           2011 Spring                                                              2010 Fall


                           2009 Spring                                               2009 Fall

                            2009 Spring                                                               2009 Fall


                      2008 Spring                                               2008 Fall

                            2008 Spring                                                               2008 Fall


                       2007 Spring                                           2007 Fall

                            2007 Spring                                                                  2007 Fall


                      2006 Spring                                         2006 Fall

                           2006 Spring                                                                    2006 Fall